Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer seal

Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer (AZCLDP)

Many people assume attorneys are the only option they have when planning to create and notarize legal documents whether for life planning, bankruptcy, or divorce. But in reality, there is another option which is less costly especially for people in Arizona. Certified legal document preparers are authorized by the Arizona Supreme Court to assist individuals, families, and businesses with legal document preparation that are tenable in the court of law.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a document preparer?

A certified legal document preparer is an individual or entity registered with the Arizona Supreme Court to prepare and explain legal documents without offering advice or opinions. Legal document preparers are sometimes referred to as legal document assistants or independent paralegals.

How do I become a legal document preparer in Arizona?

Becoming a legal document preparer in Arizona requires taking the CLDP exam and submitting an application with the Arizona Supreme Court. A CLDP board will conduct a screening and FBI background check.

How much is a legal document preparer salary?

Legal document preparer salaries vary by experience. Starting salaries average $30,900 while experience candidates average $59,800. 

How do I find an Arizona legal document preparer near me?

The Arizona Supreme court has a list of active Certified Legal Document Preparers, both individuals and entities.